January 2018’s Blackbox Show

Join us at Downtown Cultural Arts Center.


This Months One Act Plays Include:

Lucky Soldier

After surviving Vietnam, Andre begins a journey. Andre is running scared. He attempts to kill his violent nature and tortured past that the war left him with. The demons in his brain would not leave him alone. He cries out to America. His screams are ignored. More than anything he seeks redemption. Andre decides to travel to Washington D.C. where he seeks help for the wounds no one can see. Not to mention a hundred dollar a day drug habit. Walter Reed Hospital is worse than the streets he was trying to leave behind. So, he thought. Andre finds it difficult to reclaim his place in life. After a few days he is escorted to an office where he is restrained and seated in a chair. As he sits he can’t recall the last few days.

A physiatrist enters the room. She offers her services and they begin the long road back to land of OZ. As time passes Andre begins to see life “beyond the yellow brick road”.

By Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia

Directed by Barry Feinstein


Harriet Tubman

About the play: This one women play depicts Harriet Tubman at the age of 50 reflecting back on her childhood memories, and proclaiming her future. She will share life as a child born into slavery, coming of age in slavery in her twenties, and her daring escape to freedom on the mythical Underground Railroad. It reveals a courageous woman who set out against all odds to escape from slavery and when she learned that the Underground Railroad was a myth it did not deter this spirited woman from confronting her fears and under the darkness of night running north to freedom.

Written/directed by Dr. Percy Thomas



January 2018’s Blackbox Show