When All the Letter Writers Have Died

Lori comes to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to connect with the father she never met and to be alone in the presence of others. She meets Andrew, a college student doing research for a paper. When he tries to strike up a conversation, Lori appears to be uninterested in being friends with him. But Andrew persists and Lori finds herself looking forward to spending time with him.
As their friendship develops, Andrew discovers Lori’s secret, and he’s troubled by what he learns. He’s not sure he can bear losing Lori, whom he cares about, so soon after meeting her. Andrew decides to share his own battle with depression in order to save Lori from her inner demons.

Interwoven with the stories of others who visit the wall, Lori and Andrew’s story is about finding their individual paths to healing.


Playwright’s Bio: Tricia Schwaab is delighted to have her first full-length play produced as part of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival. When she is not writing, she fancies herself a freelance editor. As an avid drinker of both coffee and tea, she likes to think she gets her inspiration from more than the caffeine. She is currently at work on her next full-length play.


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When All the Letter Writers Have Died

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