Riveting Shows

Join us for an exciting season of shows meant to excite, engage and evolve you. Theatrical Mining Company was founded by Barry Feinstein (Artistic Director), Roger Marshall, and Terry Kenney (Playwright Relations) in late summer of 2006 to develop, assist and inspire brave new playwrights in their quest to write great plays for the future.

Acting: Getting Started Series

Click to view each scene of this video series where Barry takes you on a journey of how to breathe, how to relax, how to be in the moment, and how to act. By watching you will improve your technique, prepare for your auditions and practice exercises that it's up to you to take the time to perfect.

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Past Shows

TMC favors plays that make a strong statement about the human condition, and embraces controversial subjects. We believe the purpose of theatre is to inspire an audience to think and discuss the subject matter presented on stage. Of course, we like to have some laughter along the way.

Direct Contact

If you need to contact us email us at ripefruitcreative@gmail.com with the subject Theatrical Mining Inquiry.